The Talisman is Elytron’s UAV platform weighing up to 50 kg (110 lbs). It may be completely customized according to the client’s requirements, guaranteeing extraordinary performance within its weight class.

Its accurate design and excellent aerodynamics make it unique in its kind. Finally, the MTOW-cargo ratio is among the best of its category.

The Talisman can operate from semi-prepared surfaces thanks to its sturdy undercarriage, or may be launched with a catapult. Due to the use of 3D printed components and the development of a dedicated power unit, it is a mature product, ready for the global market.

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The Talisman is an innovative platform featuring the best weight/cargo ratio in its category.

The fuselage features an easily configurable and accessible cargo bay.
This means ample space available for fuel, sensors, avionics systems and data links.


The propulsion system (reciprocating engine with electric starter, power generator, muffler, ECU) is centrally positioned, driving a pusher propeller for the best aerodynamic efficiency. The fuel tank is modular to allow short to very long endurance depending by the mission requirement.


The Talisman’s tandem wing configuration guarantees inherent stability. It also makes it virtually stall and spin proof. To ensure optimum performance of the wings and provide tangible fuel savings compared to more conventional aerodynamic configurations, Elytron has developed new proprietary wing profiles in collaboration with expert aerodynamics designers.


The aircraft was designed for field operations. Its easy assembly makes it possible to be operational on site in just a few minutes. The power unit is conceived as one easily-replaced element, perfectly matched with the fuselage. A sturdy undercarriage system with low-pressure tires, and high-diameter wheels allow the Talisman to operate also from semi-prepared terrain missions. Terrain critical missions can be outfit with catapult and parachute retrieval system.


Mission planning is possible thanks to an integrated autopilot specifically calibrated on the Talisman’s special flight characteristics. Each flight may be easily planned and simulated thanks to its control system. The Talisman uses a state of the art radar altimeter to manage precision take-off and landing, and an ADS-B transponder system to operate in controlled airspace. The operator may take remote control of the aircraft at any time and safely complete the mission.


The Talisman is a UAV with MTOW up to 50 kg (110 lbs).

This makes it ideal for medical supply deliveries, checking pipelines and inspecting transmission towers. Depending on its configuration and sensor equipment, it can be successfully used for aerial photogrammetry missions, SAR operations, law enforcement operations and aerial searches.

Fire Scouting Version

Agricultural Version

Law Enforcement Version

Sar Version


Technical features

Configuration: fixed tandem wing with pusher propeller.

  • Length260 cm / 102in
  • Wing Span300 /360cm 118/141,7in (standard and heavy lift version)
  • High84 cm 33,07in
  • Empty Weightkg 14/19Kg 30,8/41,9lbs
  • Maximum Take Off Weightup to 50kg 110 lbs
  • Useful Load up to31 kg / 68,3/lbs
  • Two Stroke, 5,5 hp with electrical starter(base configuration, other options available)
  • Minimum operative speed (@MTOW)53 km/h / 28.6kts
  • Maximum level speed (@MTOW)155 km/h / 83.6kts
  • Rate of climb7,3m/s (4,5 heavy lift)
  • Best endurance speed (@MTOW)94 km/h / 50.7kts
  • Maximum Operational Altitude3600m / 12.000ft
  • Best enduranceup to 25 hours

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