The Project 300 is an easy to fly, unmanned flying aircraft for special operations, reconnaissance, humanitarian aid and border protection.

It is bringing a new generation of tandem wing remotely piloted aircraft to your needs.

The aircraft remains perfectly on its center of gravity thanks to the SmartCG system, which adapts the position of the fuselage to the installed payload. This UAV is designed to perform a mission for many hours. Once the first mission is completed, it can return to base to be reconfigured in a short time and take off again a few minutes later with completely different sensors in type, size and weight.

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If different sensors are not required, it can also be loaded with loads to be ejected or gravity drop offs.


Technical features

Configuration: fixed tandem wing

  • Length480 cm (15.7 ft)
  • Wing Span650 cm (21.3 ft)
  • Height170 cm (67 in)
  • Maximum Take Off Weight300 kg (660 lbs)
  • Useful Load up to160 kg (352 lbs)
  • Empty Weight140 kg (308 lbs)
  • Engine40-60 hp (30-45 kW)
  • Endurance10 hours
  • Minimum speed (@MTOW)32 kts (59 kph)
  • Maximum speed (@MTOW)100 kts (185 kph)
  • Ceiling5000 m (16000 ft)

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